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Anesthesia Cream made in Korea, Lidocaine 10.56%
Lidocaine Anesthesia Cream 30g tube type
EMLA Cream
Korea EMLA Cream


Painless treatments with numbing cream

Looking for a painless tattoo, piercing, permanent make up or laser/dermabrasion? Look no further – Anesten Numbing Cream was designed with both the client and the artist in mind.


Being the strongest numbing cream on the market, Anesten Numbing Cream is an industry game changer. It leaves the skin firm and light but completely numb! The cream is a topical anesthetic with a mix of nerve deadeners and nerve blockers.

Our products are being used worldwide by all types of artists and clients who wants a painless treatment.

Anesten Cream is a numbing cream giving you a less painful skin-related treatment. We mostly help out people looking to get a tattoo, but it works for other alike treatments such as those related to permanent makeup, piercings, or vaccinations.

The cream works as a local anaesthetic, sedating affected areas before and during treatment. The Anesten Cream is applied to the area of the skin that is about to get treated – in most cases this leads to a painful experience. Summed up, the cream anestetics a certain area and gives you are trouble-free tattoo experience.


Numbing cream – what is local anestetic?

Local anaesthesia is a way of anaesthetizing a specific area of the body. The substance is usually injected through a syringe, but with this cream, all you have to do is apply it directly on the skin.

When the anaesthetizing cream is applied to the specific area on the skin, you will experience a reduced tactile sense, avoiding pain in the affected area during treatment. Local anaesthesia is commonly used for smaller treatments or surgical procedures. Side-effects in relation to local anaesthesia is very unusual. Consequently, local anaesthesia is a very safe anaesthetic method.


Numbing cream for multiple purposes

Anesten Cream should be used for treatments with a high risk of pain. The numbing cream anaesthetizes the area of effect, and we advise that you use it in relation to:

  • Vaccinations
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Tattoos
  • Permanent makeup
  • Piercings
  • Waxing
  • Hair removal (laser)
  • Microblading                                                                                                                    


For large orders and potential distribution

If you own a tattoo shop, providing or offering the Anesten numbing cream does a nice service for customers fear the pain. Besides that, you can inform your costumers that the cream is eligible for many other types of on-skin treatment such as piercings, vaccinations, and more.

The pain is for many the biggest obstacle when considering a tattoo. Buying Anesten Cream in large orders could be a massive asset to shops striving for providing their costumers the very best in terms of treatment experience and service.

If you are interested in this service, please contact Provide us with details about your situation, and we will return to you as soon as possible.

ANESTEN CREAM -2 tube! 10.56% Lidocaine Numbing Cream(30g)

SKU: 0002
$59.98 Regular Price
$46.99Sale Price
  • Composition: Each gram contains

    * Lidoncaine: 105.6mg

    * Methyl Paraben: 1.5mg

    * Cream base


    Topical anesthesia is a condition of temporary numbness caused by applying a substance directly to a surface of the body. Loss of feeling occurs in the specific area touched by the anesthetic substance.



    Topical anesthesia typically either relieves existing pain from a body surface or prevents pain during medical examinations or procedures. Body surfaces include both skin and mucous membranes, which are the moist linings of areas such as the inside of the mouth or nose. Occasionally, use of a topical anesthetic may help clarify whether a patient's pain comes from a body surface, which the substance is able to touch, or from deeper structures beyond the reach of the substance. A mucous membrane, an area of skin, or areas just beneath the skin's surface temporarily lose feeling during topical anesthesia.



    Topical anesthetic medications must be selected carefully and used in prorper amounts in order to prevent harmful reactions. For instance, some topical drugs should be used only on intact skin to avoid rapid absorption into the body.



    Overall, topical anesthesia tends to be very safe. Minor problems might include discoloration of the skin at the appilcation site or an uncomfortable feeling of numbness that lasts longer than expected. Repeated use of a topical anesthetic on a damaged eye surface may interfere with the normal healing process.


    Normal results

    Successful use of a topical anesthetic produces temporary loss of sensation in the area where it is applied.

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Pain Relief For Hours!

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